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Wood Bed Lifters - adjustable height 3"-6"-Bed Risers - Set Of 2
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NewSet of 4 Bed Risers Raise Furniture Create Underbed Storage New
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Bed Risers
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NewBed Risers -- Home It
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NewNew Mahogany Wood Bed Lifters Bed Risers Set Of 4 Bedding Accessories Ship Free
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Raise-Its Bedroom Bed Frame Risers in Contemporary plastic style set
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Bed Risers,Raisers Bed Lifts Bed Elevators - SET OF 4 - Bedroom, White, plastic
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NewSlipstick CB652 Heavy Duty Bed Risers, Chocolate
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Bed risers
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New4 Bed Risers Add 5.25” Height Heavy Duty Furniture Lift 1200 lb Underbed Storage
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bed risers?

I have bed risers on my bed that lip my bed up an aditional 5 1/2-6 inches
This is realyl helpful for storage but I wish I could life my bed up even higher. Does anyone know of bed risers that go higher than this? and where I could buy them?
Please dont watse my time by telling me to make something myself. I am worried that something I make will not be stable enough. If you can't answer the question don't reply. Also if you have heard of these existing but cant tell me where I can find them you are wasting my time.
this is for a college dorm so I can't do anything that needs to be screwed into the furniture

Look for cinder blocks or bricks at the hardware store. The grey cement ones with holes in them work well-- lay them on the floor lengthwise and stack several if you need to. If you need to, put two stacks side-by-side under each leg so you have a wide enough platform for each foot to stay on.

did you mean budwisers? yes I will have one thank you

Try Bed, Bath & Beyond. I don't think you can go higher, but maybe.

Where can I find or buy bed risers/lifters in Singapore?

I need to get bed risers or lifters so as to lift my bed a few more inches higher off the ground (about 2 or 3 inches).

If I were shopping in Singapore, I would go to a store that sells mattresses, frames and ask them where to buy bed risers. Surely they will know. If not, you can always buy them in USA and have them shipped there. just look up "bed risers" under Google. That's about all I can offer to help you. Good luck. You can build them, but it is so much easier to buy them. If all else fails, you can always get one more mattress if you are wanting the bed higher, but if you want space under the bed, you WILL need risers.

Will bed risers work for this purpose?

I'm thinking about putting bed risers on my kid's bed. I'm hoping that if my doing so adds, say, 8 or 10 inches to the bed's height (and more importantly, the distance between the floor and the underside of the bed) that maybe a trundle bed will fit underneath. Will this work? Or do I have to buy a new bed frame and the trundle frame as a set?

what kind of bed risers to select?

hi, I purchased a bed frame that has 6 legs. the 4 outside legs have rollers that are small. (they measure 2 inches on the two longer sides. The middle bar has two small (posts? gliders?) whatever you call them - I know that the information I am giving is not the best, but I need some bed risers, as my dust ruffle hangs on the floor. I think a lift of 3 to 5 inches would be sufficient. Hope someone can help. Also, does anyone know where they can be purchased? Thanks in advance.

I got mine at Burlington Coat Factory, 4 for $9.99, you will need two sets. Other possible stores are WalMart, Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Linens & Things...also, you can google 'bed risers' - that is the official name - to see what else is out there. 4 for $10 is the best price I have seen anywhere!

what size bed risers do I need?

I have a double size metal bed frame. ( no head or foot board) The legs are not big, and have small rollers. The problem I am having, is that my dust ruffle, which is for a double bed, hangs on the floor. I don`t need to store things under the bed as many people do, just keep the dust ruffle off of the floor. What size do I need to fit the legs and height ?

Hold your ruffle straight down to the floor. With the extra smoothed out onto the floor to form an "L". Measure the extra pc that is on the floor. This will give you the distance that you ll need to raise it up .Then determine if you need some blocks of wood or purchase the bed risers you can get at most stores GL

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